do hotels charge you if you take a pillow


Are Hotels Charging You If You Take a Pillow?

When you go on a vacation or a business trip, one of the basic amenities you expect in a hotel room is a comfortable bed with pillows. These soft, fluffy cushions play a crucial role in providing a good night's sleep – after all, who doesn't love sinking into a plush pillow after a long day of travel?

However, have you ever wondered what happens if you happen to take a liking to those luxurious hotel pillows? Are hotels keeping a close eye on their pillows, ready to charge you if you decide to bring one home? In this article, we will delve into the topic and explore the common practices of hotels when it comes to their pillows.

The Value of a Good Pillow

Before we dive into the specific policies of hotels, it is important to understand why pillows are so important. A good pillow offers support to your neck and head, keeping your spine aligned and preventing discomfort or pain. It can significantly improve the quality of your sleep and overall well-being.

Hotels invest in high-quality pillows to ensure their guests have a comfortable sleep experience. These pillows are often made with premium materials like down feathers, memory foam, or hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. With luxurious thread counts and firmness options, hotel pillows aim to cater to the diverse preferences of their guests.

Understanding Hotel Policies

When it comes to hotel policies regarding taking pillows, it is crucial to recognize that practices vary from one establishment to another. While some hotels may strictly enforce a "no pillow leaving the premises" rule, others may be more lenient and allow guests to purchase the pillows or even provide them as part of the room package.

Symbols of Comfort, Not Souvenirs

It is important to keep in mind that hotel pillows are considered an essential part of the room amenities, intended to provide comfort and promote a good night's sleep. The pillows are not intended to be taken as souvenirs or items to be claimed by guests for personal use outside the hotel premises.

Case 1: High-End Hotels

High-end hotels, renowned for their luxurious facilities and exceptional service, often take a strict stance on guests taking pillows. Given the premium quality and cost of these pillows, it is understandable why they may discourage guests from taking them home.

Such hotels may include the cost of the pillows in their room rates, considering them more like a rental. While it may not be explicitly mentioned during your check-in process, taking these pillows can result in an additional charge added to your bill or even a fine. It is advised to read the terms and conditions provided by the hotel to avoid any unexpected charges.

Case 2: Mid-range Hotels

Mid-range hotels, which cater to a wider range of budgets, generally have similar policies to high-end hotels. However, they may utilize different methods to dissuade guests from taking their pillows. Some hotels may attach tags or labels to the pillows stating they are not to be removed. Others may have a policy stating that an inventory check will be performed upon check-out, and any missing items, including pillows, will be charged to the guest.

Case 3: Budget Hotels

Budget hotels, often centered around affordability, tend to have more relaxed policies regarding pillows. While they still expect the pillows to stay within the premises, they are less likely to impose fines or additional charges for taking them. In some instances, budget hotels may even offer guests the option to purchase the pillows at a discounted price as a souvouenir.

Other Options for Pillow Enthusiasts

If you are a pillow enthusiast and find yourself particularly attached to a hotel pillow, there are alternative ways to bring that comfort into your own home without risking a hefty charge on your hotel bill.

1. Official Hotel Stores: Some hotels have official stores where guests can purchase various products, including the coveted pillows. If you can't bear to part with a specific hotel's pillow, this is a great opportunity to ensure you get a genuine one while supporting the hotel's business.

2. Online Purchases: Many hotels cooperate with retailers and have their products available online. A simple search using the hotel's name and "pillow purchase" may lead you to authorized retailers selling the pillows. This way, you can enjoy the comfort of the hotel pillow without any concerns about violating hotel policies.


In conclusion, hotels have differing policies when it comes to their pillows. While high-end and mid-range hotels tend to take a stricter approach and may charge guests for taking pillows, budget hotels are often more lenient. It is essential to be aware of the hotel's policy and respect their rules regarding the amenities they provide.

Next time you're tempted to bring a hotel pillow home, consider the alternatives mentioned above. Remember, these pillows are symbols of comfort during your stay, not souvenirs to be collected. If you truly desire a hotel-quality pillow, explore official hotel stores or online purchases to satisfy your need for a good night's sleep without any repercussions.


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