how do i secure throw pillows in a hotel


Secure Your Throw Pillows in a Hotel for a Worry-Free Stay

Pillows play a significant role in making hotel rooms cozy and inviting. However, travelers often find themselves grappling with the predicament of how to secure their throw pillows in a hotel room. Whether you desire added comfort while watching television or are longing for extra support while reading a book, here are some ingenious ways to ensure your throw pillows stay in place during your stay.

Identify the Types of Throw Pillows

Before delving into securing techniques, it is essential to distinguish the various types of throw pillows commonly found in hotels. Understanding the different pillow types will give you better insight into the methods that work best for each style. The three most common types of throw pillows in hotel rooms are square, rectangular, and bolster pillows.

Square pillows, as the name suggests, are square-shaped and have a uniform size on all four sides. They are the most prevalent throw pillow type found in hotels, often used to decorate the bed or placed on lounge chairs for additional comfort.

Rectangular pillows, on the other hand, are elongated and rectangular-shaped. They are commonly used as support pillows, offering additional back support while sitting on a couch or reading in bed. You will often find rectangular pillows placed behind the square pillows on hotel beds.

Bolster pillows feature a cylindrical shape and are known for their roundness. These pillows are usually longer and narrower compared to square and rectangular pillows. Bolsters are frequently utilized for lumbar support while sitting or simply as a decorative element on couches and chairs.

Consider Non-slip Pillowcase Covers

Non-slip pillowcase covers are a game-changer when it comes to keeping your throw pillows securely in place. Made from materials like rubber or latex, these covers have a textured surface that grips both the pillow and the bedding, preventing any unwanted sliding or shifting.

To secure your throw pillows effectively, slip them into non-slip pillowcase covers before placing them on the bed or chairs. The added friction provided by these covers ensures that your pillows stay put, even if you move around during sleep or accidentally lean into them while sitting.

Non-slip pillowcase covers are widely available both online and in stores. They come in various sizes to accommodate different pillow dimensions, including square, rectangular, and bolster pillows. Investing in non-slip pillowcase covers will not only keep your throw pillows secure but also enhance your overall sleeping experience.

Utilize Decorative Cushions for Extra Support

One way to guarantee your throw pillows remain in the desired position is by utilizing decorative cushions strategically. Decorative cushions possess a dual purpose, as they enhance the aesthetics of the room while providing added support for your throw pillows.

To secure your throw pillows effectively, consider using decorative cushions as anchors. Place one decorative cushion behind the throw pillow you want to secure, and another decorative cushion in front of it. This method will help keep the throw pillow in place, preventing it from slipping or falling off the bed or chair.

When choosing decorative cushions, opt for those with a bit of weight. This will provide added stability and prevent the cushions from moving around. Additionally, make sure the decorative cushions are slightly larger than the throw pillows to ensure they cover the entire surface area, enabling them to hold the throw pillows securely.

Employ Furniture Holders or Straps

If you find yourself struggling to keep your throw pillows in place, especially on the couch or lounge chairs, utilizing furniture holders or straps is an excellent solution. These specially designed straps effectively anchor pillows to the furniture, keeping them from slipping or sliding.

Furniture holders or straps come in a variety of designs and materials. Some straps have adjustable lengths, allowing you to secure throw pillows of various sizes. Whether made of elastic or durable fabric, these straps are an efficient way to give your throw pillows the stability they need.

To use furniture holders or straps, place the throw pillow where you desire it to stay. Then, secure the strap around the pillow tightly, attaching it to the furniture, such as the backrest or armrest of a chair or couch. This method will ensure that your throw pillow stays fixed in place, giving you peace of mind during your hotel stay.

Employ Pillow Ties or Ribbons

In some hotels, you may find that throw pillows come adorned with decorative ties or ribbons. While these may seem like purely aesthetic additions, they can actually be utilized to keep your pillows in place.

To secure your throw pillows using these ties or ribbons, wrap them around the pillow, tying them snugly in a knot or bow. The ribbons or ties will act as tethers, preventing the pillows from moving or sliding off the bed or chair. This method can provide an added decorative touch and practical functionality simultaneously.

If your throw pillows do not come with attached ties or ribbons, consider bringing your own. Choose ribbons or ties that match the color scheme of the room or that complement the pillow covers. This way, you can easily secure your throw pillows while adding your personal touch to the decor.


Throw pillows are a delightful addition to any hotel room, offering both comfort and style. However, their tendency to shift or fall off the bed or chairs can be frustrating. By employing simple techniques such as non-slip pillowcase covers, decorative cushions, furniture holders or straps, and pillow ties or ribbons, you can effectively secure your throw pillows during your hotel stay.

Remember to identify the type of pillow you wish to secure, whether square, rectangular, or bolster, as the methods may vary slightly for each style. Investing in non-slip pillowcase covers will provide a reliable grip, while decorative cushions can act as anchors. Furniture holders or straps offer stability on couches and lounge chairs, and pillow ties or ribbons add both functionality and aesthetics.

By implementing these ingenious methods, you can enjoy a worry-free stay at any hotel, knowing that your throw pillows will stay securely in place. So sit back, relax, and indulge in the plush comfort of your throw pillows, without the annoyance of constant readjustment.


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