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What is The Difference Between Hotel Bedding Washed Cotton and Pure Cotton?

1. Different advantages

Washed cotton: After special washing treatment, the surface tone and luster of the fabric are softer, and the feel is also very soft. This kind of fabric has the advantages of not being easy to deform, not fading, and non-ironing.

Pure cotton: It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisturizing, heat resistance, alkali resistance and hygiene. Generally speaking, pure cotton fabrics have good moisture absorption and heat resistance, feel good, and are comfortable to use next to the skin.

2. Different raw materials

Washed Cotton: Washed cotton is made from cotton cloth.

Pure Cotton: Pure cotton fabrics are made from cotton.

3. Disadvantages are different

Washed cotton: Washed cotton is easy to loose after a long time, and it will be more easily deformed than before. This is the biggest defect of washed cotton.

Pure cotton: Pure cotton is very easy to wrinkle, and it is difficult to recover after wrinkling. Also shrinks easily. The shrinkage rate of pure cotton is 2% to 5%. Therefore, whether it is clothes or bedding, as long as it is pure cotton fabric, it is inevitable and normal.

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