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How to choose a good quality hotel mattress?

  1. 1. When we choose a mattress, we should try to choose a big brand, because the quality of a big brand is guaranteed first, and there will be no shoddy, inferior materials to make mattresses, and big brands have professional mattress materials and designs. Considering the considerations, there is more room for choice, which can meet the requirements of different age groups.

2. According to the smell and appearance of the mattress. Generally speaking, the materials of mattresses are cloth, latex and so on. Generally speaking, these materials do not have too pungent smell. If there is an obvious smell, it should be noted that the manufacturer may have used substandard products, which will affect your health. And generally speaking, the surface of a high-quality mattress is smooth, without obvious wrinkles and threads.

3. According to the inner material of the mattress. If the mattress can be opened to see the internal materials, you can observe whether it is clean, see if there are mold, rusty springs, etc., and check whether the supporting materials are the same as the product introduction, so as to avoid being deceived.

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4. Choose the right mattress according to your personal preference. Common mattress types are latex mattresses, palm mattresses, and spring mattresses. Latex mattresses are relatively soft and suitable for the elderly and children to sleep on. Palm mattresses are relatively firm and have a significant improvement effect on people with back pain. Spring mattresses are more common and suitable for most people. However, the design of the mattress should also be considered according to your sleeping position, sleeping time and convenience of movement, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve a comfortable sleep.

5. The air permeability of the mattress. Generally speaking, mattresses with better air permeability should be selected in humid places. Mattresses with poor air permeability are prone to breed bacteria and mites, which will have health effects on children and the elderly with poor resistance.

6. Choose the appropriate size. When choosing the size of the mattress, the number of people, height and other factors should be considered. If it is used for children and the elderly who are not able to move, the mattress should not be bought too high or too wide, which will affect their movement. If you are a couple, you should consider your partner's height and habits, and try to meet the needs of both parties.

7. Choose the right price point. Mattresses are also a part of furniture. You should pursue comfort, safety and health instead of taking price as a measure. After all, exceeding your budget will affect your quality of life, and the gain outweighs the gain.

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