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How to Distinguish The Material of Hotel Bedding Fabric?

The bedding fabrics currently on the market generally have three types: cotton, silk, and linen. Pure cotton fabrics are softer, more comfortable, and less prone to static electricity. It is best to use natural cotton products with better hygroscopicity for bedding, so cotton High-quality bedding is the most popular hotel.

cotton bedding



Cotton bedding mainly depends on the quality of cotton. Cotton is also divided into many grades according to the origin and variety, such as long-staple cotton, super-long-staple cotton (Pima cotton), and fine-staple cotton. The best among them is Egyptian long-staple cotton. Cotton, this kind of fluff is long and thin, with good air permeability and gloss. If you want to pursue high-quality bedding, choose Egyptian long-staple cotton.
Silk Bedding And Linen

Silk bedding feels very cool to the touch and has very good air permeability, which is especially suitable for summer use. However, this material is more expensive and it is more troublesome to clean. Using this kind of silk bedding can be regarded as a high-end enjoyment.

Linen is the most natural plant fiber. It is dry, moisture-absorbing, and breathable. It is made into bedding. It has a natural breathing feeling and has good abrasion resistance. It is suitable for all seasons. However, I personally feel that the texture of linen is still not as comfortable as cotton, so Still not recommended.

Silk bedding             
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