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How to Choose the High Count and High Density of Bedding Products and The Brilliant Design of Bedding Products?

High Count and High Density of Bedding            
High Count and High Density of Bedding

Take pure cotton bedding as an example. Pure cotton generally has 21, 32, 40, 50, and 60 cotton. The higher the count, the denser, softer and firmer the cotton cloth. 60 pieces and 300 pieces belong to high-density and high-density, which is more suitable for sleeping. Domestic five-star hotel bedding products are generally 60-80 pieces and 300-400 pieces.

Brilliant Bedding Design

For good bedding, regardless of whether the design or color is good-looking, "workmanship" is the first requirement of bedding. Delicacy, smoothness, and no pinholes are also one of the guarantees of quality. When choosing bedding, you should also pay attention to the integrity and consistency of the pattern. If there are seams, you should pay attention to whether the small patterns on the left and right sides are symmetrical, whether the patterns on the face and lining are reversed, and if there are stripes and grids, you should align the stripes and grids.

As for the style, it depends on the overall tone of your bedroom. The temperature drops in autumn and winter, and the weather gets colder. The color of the bedding should tend to be warmer. You should choose thicker fabrics in terms of texture. It is light and thin, and the color should be light-colored, so that when it is getting hotter, it can bring a fresh and cool feeling, and the mood will not be so impetuous.

Brilliant Bedding             
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