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How to Wash Tencel Fabric Bedding?


1. Neutral silk detergent should be used for washing tencel fabric bedding. Because the Tencel fabric has good water absorption and high coloring rate, and the alkaline solution is harmful to the Tencel, so do not use alkaline washing powder or washing liquid when washing; in addition, the Tencel fabric has good softness, Therefore, we generally recommend neutral detergents.

2. The washing time of Tencel fabric bedding should not be long. Due to the smooth surface of Tencel fiber, the cohesion is poor, so it cannot be soaked in water for a long time when washing, and it cannot be washed and shaken vigorously when washing, which may cause sparse cloth at the seam of the fabric and affect the use. , In severe cases, the Tencel fabric will be pilled.

3. Use soft wool for washing Tencel fabrics. Tencel fabrics will be softened during the finishing process to make them smoother. Therefore, when washing Tencel fabrics, it is recommended that you use silk or wool grades and soft grades for cleaning, and avoid cotton or other grades, otherwise It may reduce the slippery feeling of the fabric and make the Tencel fabric harden after washing.

4. Tencel fabrics should be ironed at medium and low temperatures after washing and drying. Due to the material characteristics of Tencel fabric, it may cause many wrinkles during use, washing or storage. Be sure to use medium and low temperature ironing. In particular, the two sides should not be ironed, otherwise it will easily cause deformation of the fabric and affect the appearance.


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