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How to Distinguish Pure Cotton Fabric?

Pure cotton fabrics have a better hand feeling, and the weight is generally between 160 grams and 300 grams. If it is too thin, it will be very transparent, and if it is too thick, it will be stuffy. Generally, it is better to choose a weight between 180-260 grams, and the number of counts is generally 21 and 32. , refers to the average number of cotton fiber length, the higher the softer, and the veil is divided into plain yarn, semi-wound yarn and fine yarn, the surface of the plain yarn fabric will be rough, especially dark fabrics will have white yarn points . The surface of the fine yarn fabric is relatively clean and soft to the touch. Pure cotton fabrics have strong hygroscopicity, less static electricity, are easy to dye and shrink.

The mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton, which is worsted into high-weaving yarn, and then processed through special processing procedures such as singeing and mercerizing to make a smooth, bright, soft and wrinkle-resistant high-quality mercerized yarn. The high-quality knitted fabric made of this raw material not only fully retains the inferior natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a silky luster. The fabric is soft to the touch, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and has good elasticity and drape; in addition, it has rich colors and is comfortable to wear And casual, fully embodies the temperament and taste of the wearer.

Grab: Grasp the fabric with one hand, and then let go. If it is wrinkled severely, it means that the cotton is mostly in it, otherwise, it is mostly in other ingredients.

Look: the pure cotton fabric has a relatively light luster, is not reflective, and looks softer. The easiest way is to look at the washing water label of the bedding: 100% cotton.

Touch: The feel of pure cotton fabrics is softer and more comfortable than other textures (except silk, of course).

Washing: High-count and high-density pure cotton fabrics will shrink less, and will wrinkle after washing, and will recover immediately after drying and spreading. (I used to experiment with the bedding products of Mengjie Home Textiles after being washed, dried and spread without wrinkling at all, while some ordinary pure cotton bedding products are always like sauerkraut. This is Dashu’s personal experience).

Cover: The pure cotton bedding cover is easy to absorb moisture and does not feel stuffy.

Burning: Take a piece of fabric fiber or a small piece of fabric and burn it. Pure cotton can burn, accompanied by the smell of burning paper. The ashes are black and can be crushed completely by hand.

Pure cotton fabrics feel natural and soft, plump and thick, slightly astringent and muscular, and can be pulled in a small range, and the recovery speed after pulling is slow; while chemical fiber fabrics feel soft and slippery, with a large stretching range , it will spring back to its original shape as soon as you let go. In addition, because cotton yarn is relatively tough and has weak elasticity, the recovery time of pure cotton after wrinkling will be slightly longer. When judging pure cotton, you can fold the fabric in half, and then scrape along the edge with your nails. After unfolding, the scratches will be more obvious. It proves that the higher the cotton content, the purer fabric will not leave scratches.

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