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Why Are There 4 Pillows on A Hotel Bed?

This is actually a considerate and humanized service of the hotel, because different guests have different requirements for the height, softness and hardness of the pillows, so a few pillows of different sizes and materials can meet the needs of different people. And from the perspective of health, you can also put pillows on the waist, knees, and back to meet different living needs and make it more comfortable.

The 4 pillows in the hotel room can play different roles according to the sleeping position.

A pillow can be used as a real pillow by placing it under the head and neck when lying on the back, with the pillow just covering the entire head and down to the neck. The other pillow is placed under the knees, so that the knee joints can be in a state of slight flexion and relaxation. If you lie on your side, the width of your shoulders will cause your head and neck to hang in the air. If the pillow is low, you can stack two pillows together, and it is best to place a small pillow between your knees, which will feel very comfortable.

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