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Why do Hotels Always Choose White Sheets?

1. White bed sheets match the house decoration style

Simple white can be accepted by many people. White tone is versatile. It can be used as a base color or as a foil. No matter what kind of bed or decoration style, white is versatile and gives people a sense of harmony. The feeling of cleanliness and atmosphere.

2. White sheets are easy to clean

When everyone chooses clothes or shoes, they don't like to choose white, because white is not resistant to dirt. But the hotel is just the opposite in this regard. The hotel uses white sheets because it is easy to clean. Where the sheets are dirty, just put bleach to clean them. .

3. White sheets are soothing

White makes people feel at ease, quiet, comfortable and warm, and the hotel is a place where people can rest at ease. After working hard all day, I want to find a place to rest. Using white sheets can calm your brain gradually, give you a short rest, and fall asleep better. If the sheets are brightly colored, it will stimulate the activity of your brain and make your brain more active. Not easy to fall asleep.

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