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What are The Specific Types of Hotel Tablecloth Dirt?

The dirt on hotel tablecloths, mouthcloths and kitchen clothes is mainly: wine and beverage stains, animal and vegetable oil stains, vegetable stains, salt, sugar, soy sauce, soot...

1. Water-soluble dirt

The feature of this kind of dirt is that it can be dissolved and removed by water, such as salt, sugar, soy sauce, fruit juice, red wine, beer, liquor left on the tablecloth during meals...

2. Grease dirt

This type of dirt is mainly animal and vegetable oils. Fats and fats in animals and plants have different melting points. Some are liquid and some are solid at room temperature. We usually call liquid fats oils, mainly vegetable oils such as soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil...

The solid ones are called fats, which mainly come from animals such as lard, suet, and tallow. The grease stained on the tablecloth is a combination of high melting point fats and low melting point oils, and more is a mixture of oils and fats. They are insoluble in water and have good affinity to cotton fibers and chemical fibers. When washing, the grease must be melted first before being washed away. In practice, we have realized that the oil stained on the tablecloth that has been cooked and oxidized at high temperature is easier to remove than the oil that has not been cooked, and the oil on the chemical fiber tablecloth is more difficult to remove than the oil on the cotton tablecloth.

3. Protein and starchy soils

This kind of dirt, such as various fruit juices containing vegetable protein, residue stains of various cakes, etc., are easy to remove in cold water, but will solidify on the fabric after heating and washing, making it difficult to remove.

4. Pigment dirt

Such as green vegetable juice, red chili oil, brown coffee stains, tea stains, etc., they are often mixed with grease, when the grease is removed, the pigment is easily removed by the oxidizing agent or reducing agent.

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