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What are The Washing Procedures for Hotel Tablecloths?

According to the characteristics and characteristics of the dirt on the tablecloth and the removal of these dirt, and maintenance of the fabric, the tablecloth is usually washed according to the following procedures.

(1) The main washing and bleaching procedures listed here are separated. In principle, the oil is first washed out, the pigment covered by the oil is exposed, and then the pigment is destroyed, that is, bleaching. The effect will naturally be better. There is another program, the main washing and bleaching are carried out in the same bath, that is, bleaching is added after the main washing for 10 minutes.

(2) When washing under hard water conditions, a water softener should be added to the main wash.

(3) When sorting, it is best to wash the dirty tablecloths and not-so-dirty tablecloths separately. The amount of detergent for dirty tablecloths can be added, and the amount of detergent for not-too-dirty tablecloths can be reduced, which can save material consumption .

(4) After heating the gauze tablecloth for the main wash, it should not be drained immediately, but cold water should be added to gradually cool down and then drained, so that it is not easy to wrinkle after ironing.

(5) At present, dimensional gauze tablecloths are widely used, and sizing is not required, but sizing is required for the mouth cloth to be easy to make patterns because of the requirement of tall and straight.

(6) Tablecloths and table skirts used in meeting rooms can be washed by referring to the above procedures.

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