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What is The Difference Between Hotel Bed Sheet and Fitted Sheet?

1. The appearance of hotel fitted sheet has brought convenience to our life. In addition to protecting the mattress, its four corners are tied with elastic bands, which will not slip off when placed on the mattress, and can also be used as a bed sheet. It is convenient, but in our country, the fitted sheet is usually used to protect the mattress. In fact, the fitted sheet can be used as a sheet, and when used as a sheet, it is more fixed than ordinary sheets to prevent slipping. We can see that when we are in a hotel, The method of laying hotel sheets is to directly wrap the mattress and then press it tightly. The shape is the same as the fitted sheet. In this method, we can directly use the fitted sheet to make it easier.

2. We should be familiar with hotel bed sheets. It is a kind of fabric laid on the bed. It is usually made of pure cotton or blended yarn, and is made of plain weave, twill weave, variable weave or jacquard weave. The pattern is beautiful. The cloth surface is smooth, comfortable to the touch, and durable. It is a practical and decorative bedding, and there are many styles and styles of the sheets, which are relatively novel and beautiful. Compared with the fitted sheet, the use of the sheet It is more widespread and common in our families, and it is also very fast for washing, whether it is hand washing or machine washing, it can be easily controlled.

3. Some young friends prefer fitted sheets because it brings us convenience. We no longer have to worry about tidying the sheets every day, and the sheets slip off at night. The production process of bed sheets is also more complicated than that of bed sheets. Let's take a look at bed sheets. Bed sheets are a kind of traditional Chinese use. Its comfort is better. There are more options for bed sheets, and the styles and styles are relatively complete. , The price is also higher than that of fitted sheets. As for whether we choose sheets or fitted sheets, we should choose according to our actual usage. Both are good.

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