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What Do You Know About Tablecloth Purchase Methods?

For many families, when they buy a dining table or some other furniture, they will always buy one or several pieces of cloth for spreading on the surface of the furniture. This kind of cloth not only makes the furniture look more beautiful, but also It also plays a role in making the furniture not easy to be stained and not easy to be worn by other external forces to prolong the service life. This kind of tablecloth is not as simple as we imagined. The purchase of this kind of tablecloth is still very cultured. Today we will introduce it to you.

1. Shopping skills:

Plastic tablecloths include: PVC cloth, EVA cloth, PEVA cloth, hot stamping cloth, cotton substrate PVC cloth, PP cloth, etc.; textile tablecloths include: polyester-cotton knitted lace cloth, pure cotton mercerized mesh cloth, polyester silk Warp knitted jacquard cloth, pure cotton mercerized jacquard cloth, polyester cotton plain woven printed cloth, polyester cotton plain woven embroidery cloth, linen knitted lace cloth, polyester linen plain woven applique cloth, etc. Fabric tablecloth is the most common and most practical one in our life. The fabric of textile fabric is also very healthy, with good hygroscopicity, skin-friendly and toning. Pre-shrunk for a comfortable feel. The fabric is tight. Household tablecloths and mercerized. Bright, soft and vibrant colors. It is the most commonly used household tablecloth in life. Another kind of household tablecloth is made of cotton and linen. This is also a good fabric. The texture is quite good, very wear-resistant and durable. This kind of fabric is environmentally friendly and healthy, and the pursuit of all kinds of natural things. Good water absorption, gorgeous colors, fashionable and generous. Cotton and linen are also present in most households. Home tablecloth silk is also a good choice, but there are more silk and satin in hotels, dinner parties, and weddings, but there are also a lot of home use. The silk and satin home tablecloth looks more gorgeous and noble, which is very realistic for the status of the host. . However, due to the particularity of the fabric, silk and satin household tablecloths are generally better to be dry-cleaned.

2. Display art:

The tabletop of the round table is relatively large, and a large tablecloth hanging from the ground can be laid on the bottom layer, and a small piece of tablecloth can be spread on the upper layer to increase the gorgeousness. The color of the tablecloth can be dark, which is more stable and stain-resistant. For a square dining table, a square tablecloth can be laid on the bottom layer, and a small piece of square tablecloth can be spread on the upper layer, or the direction of the tablecloth can be changed, so that the tablecloth can be laid at right angles to the center line of the table edge, so that the bottom of the tablecloth has a triangular pattern. The color of the tablecloth for the square table should be a pattern rather than a single color. The tone of the pattern will make it look less rigid. For a rectangular dining table, a rectangular tablecloth can be laid on the bottom layer, and two square tablecloths can be used on the upper layer, and the tabletop can be covered with staggered bedding.

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