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Hazards of Using Hard Water for Hotel Linen Washing

In the washing process of linen washing equipment, many of them are washed with water. In the washing process, the hardness of the water quality plays a very important role. Hard water is water that contains a certain amount of calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum and manganese carbonates and other substances, and from the perspective of washing, the impurities it contains are very harmful to washing.

1. Affect the washing effect of linen washing equipment

Calcium and magnesium ions in hard water are deposited on the fabric, causing graying of the white fabric, affecting the whiteness and hand feel, darkening the color of the colored fabric, losing the bright feeling, and rough hand. Iron exists in water in the form of ions or ionic compounds. If these waters are heated to wash fabrics, rust will be formed, deposited on the fabrics as some brown spots, and will also turn white fabrics overall yellow and bright-colored fabrics. In addition, the water contains iron. In the bleaching stage, if iron ions exist in a certain part of the fabric, it will catalyze the strong decomposition of hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide, causing the local oxidation reaction to be violent and causing the fabric to be damaged.

2. The effective function of the detergent is reduced

Calcium and magnesium ions in hard water combine with surfactants in detergents, which can form metal salts, lose the activity of surfactants, and cannot perform the proper performance of detergents, reducing the main functions of detergents.

3. Can not completely remove the dirt on the fabric

Calcium and magnesium ions in water can combine with substances in detergents to form precipitates. Calcium ions will make some dirt still adhere to the clothes after washing, drill into the fiber pores and capillaries, hide in the fiber gaps, and affect the removal of colored dirt.

4. Affect the service life of fabrics, fabrics and appearance

Hard water will dull the color of bright clothing fabrics and reduce the whiteness of white fabrics. After a long time, the color of the fibers will be damaged and the color light will be changed. For silk and wool fabrics, it will appear, become brittle, break, reduce fastness, become stiff, shorten the life of clothing fabrics, and lose the original softness. The use of hard water in linen washing equipment will bring a lot of trouble and harm. Therefore, Kaiying linen washing equipment recommends that you should properly improve the washing conditions when washing, so as to achieve the best washing effect on the laundry.

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