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Do You Know The Difference Between Long-staple Cotton and Cotton?

What is long-staple cotton? Long-staple cotton is known as "the best of cotton" because of its high quality and soft and long fibers. Long-staple cotton is the key material of high-end textile products, and an indispensable and important raw material for high-end fabrics, home textiles, and clothing production. In the world, only China, the United States, and Egypt are the producers of long-staple cotton, which makes the price of long-staple cotton relatively expensive. How to distinguish long-staple cotton and cotton products? Next, the Hanbi hotel linen wholesale supplier will explain to you.

Long-staple cotton is named for its long fibers and is a cultivated cotton species. Long-staple cotton has a long growth period and requires a lot of heat. Under the same heat conditions, the growth period of long-staple cotton is 10-15 days longer than that of upland cotton.

Long-staple cotton originated in South America and was later introduced to the southeastern coastal islands of North America. The quality of long-staple cotton is good, its fibers are soft and long, generally 33-39 mm, the longest can reach 64 mm; the fineness is 7000-8500 m/g, the width is 15-16 microns; the strength is high, 4-5 g Force/root, the breaking length is 33-40 kilometers; there are many turns, 80-120 pieces/cm.

Fine-staple cotton is a kind of cotton that is relatively long-staple cotton and coarse-staple cotton. It is a cultivated species of upland cotton. It is native to the highlands and Caribbean islands in the southern part of Mexico in Central America, also known as plateau cotton. Suitable for planting in vast subtropical and temperate regions, it is the most widely distributed cotton species in the world. Except for perennials in some areas such as Brazil and Peru, it is an annual herbaceous plant in other countries. At the end of the 19th century, China began to introduce American upland cotton cultivars, which are annuals. Normal mature fine-staple cotton fibers, white or milky white in color, with mercerization, length 23-33 mm, fineness 5000-6500 m/g, width 18-20 microns, natural twist 39-65 pieces/cm, strength 3 ~4.5 grams force/piece, breaking length 20~25 kilometers.

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