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Teach You How to Choose Hotel Room Leather Products?

Guest room leather goods began to enter the high-star hotels, bringing a different feeling to hotel customers. Until now, no matter which hotel you can see guest room leather goods, it can be seen that it has gradually become an indispensable part of hotel miscellaneous equipment. Ring, from the perspective of its use function: their appearance plays the role of setting off the green leaves of red flowers. The remote control cover covers the remote control with a layer of leather, which feels good in the hand. There is also an eye-catching hotel LOGO. The number of the TV station is arranged on the inner page to guide customers; the tissue box is placed on the bedside for customers to take, and the obvious LOGO always reminds customers of the name of the hotel where they are staying. Guest room leather goods are the carrier for a hotel to provide services to customers. This carrier softly and elegantly provides convenience, and it is not the service itself.


The composition of guest room leather goods: artificial leather, PU, PVC or a mixture of the two, PU is softer, feels more volatile, and the price is higher, PVC is harder, feels flat and slightly stiff, and the price is lower, now leather Suppliers provide artificial leather, which is generally a mixture of the two, including the weak type of PU and the low price of PVC. Now this type of leather has a larger market share. Many times when choosing leather, it depends on the pattern. There is no specific standard for this. There are people who like all kinds of patterns, and each one attracts everyone's attention. Generally speaking, high-end hotels like the ones with darker colors or single patterns. , in line with its own value positioning; theme hotels like to pick bright patterns or bright leather tones.

When choosing guest room leather goods, in addition to feeling the above points, you will also feel the method and craftsmanship. The level of the master is reflected here:

1 Whether the car line is straight

2 Whether the skin is smooth

3 Is the leather interface tight?

4 Whether the skeleton and the leather are directly degummed

5 Is the combination of magnets enough?

The other is the raw material, which is the adhesive used for bonding, that is, glue. Since glue has some requirements for the bonding medium, there are not many choices for glue. The main materials are similar, but the manufacturers are different, and they still have a certain taste. At present, it is necessary to use tasteless glue to glue the leather goods in guest rooms. The technical level has not yet reached the level. The quality of leather goods has a relatively large relationship with the adhesive. It is still the same sentence, time is a butcher's knife, okay Glue can keep leather goods for 3-5 years. The less glue can be glued in one year. From the point of view of quality itself, the glue is used more, the bonding effect is better, and the smell of leather goods is relatively stronger, so it is recommended for hotels For the user department, before spreading the leather goods to the guest room, it is best to open the product to let the smell dissipate for a while. If the manufacturer uses a little heart, add some antioxidants to the glue, which can prolong the function of the glue, that is, the service life of the leather goods. If the set of leather goods is 5 years old and the style or skin texture has fallen behind, it is necessary to consider replacing it.

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