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How to Avoid Secondary Pollution of Hotel Linen?

The secondary pollution of hotel linen is not a trivial matter and needs to be resolved urgently. Although secondary pollution is very harmful to hotel linen, it is completely avoidable. To effectively prevent the secondary pollution of hotel supplies, Hanbi hotel linen wholesale supplier teaches you to start from the following aspects.


1. Strengthen professional ideological education, enhance the sense of responsibility of the staff in guest rooms and laundry rooms, so that they can do their best and cherish the linen.

2. Formulate strict and detailed operating procedures, and each step of operation has rules to follow to avoid uncivilized phenomena in operation.

3. Strengthen the inspection. The person in charge of the guest room and laundry room should check the linen frequently. Even if the signs of secondary pollution are found and stopped, irresponsible employees will be criticized and educated, and dealt with seriously.

4. Increase punishment, establish a compensation system for secondary pollution, and order compensation to those who cause secondary pollution. If the circumstances are serious, they may even be dismissed.

5. Improve working conditions, equip as much equipment as possible, solve specific difficulties in linen handling, and reduce the possibility of secondary dyeing.


The linen of hotel supplies has a certain lifespan, so in addition to the normal washing of the linen, the laundry room also needs to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the linen to extend the service life as much as possible and reduce its loss rate. If it is used for an extended period of time, the linen will be seriously damaged, and it will affect the quality of hotel service if it is put into use again.

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