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How Should Hotel Rooms be Cleaned?

The better the hotel, the better the hygiene of the guest rooms. In addition to the basic configuration of the hotel, the sanitation of the guest room is also an important criterion to measure whether a hotel is good or not.

1. Clean up the hair

There is a lot of hair on the carpet in the guest room, and it takes a lot of time to clean it. In fact, dampen the rag slightly with water and put it on top of the hair of the carpet, which can easily absorb the hair.

2. Dust in the gap between the keyboard

Whether it is a desktop computer or a laptop computer, there will be some dust in it, and it is troublesome to clean it up. The shallow dust in the keyboard can be treated with a toothbrush, and the deeper dust can be cleaned with a soft vacuum cleaner. tube for processing.

3. Dust on the wallpaper

The dust on the wallpaper will not show up in a day or two, and it will become more after a long time, obviously. It is recommended to use toothpaste water to clean, because the toothpaste contains whitening agents, which can make the original dirty wallpaper look brand new.

4. Wiping marks

There will be wiping marks on wallpaper or glass after wiping, which is obviously different from when it was originally clean. Where there are traces, use toothpaste water to clean them, and they can be eliminated.

5. Shoeprints on sheets

Many families have babies who sleep on the same bed together, but sometimes children like to play on the bed and forget to take off their shoes, which creates shoe prints. In fact, a carpet cleaning solution mixed with a little water will do a good job of cleaning it.

6. Remove offset printing

The offset printing on the wall is difficult to deal with. In fact, it can be cleaned with a toothbrush dipped in water, or rubbed on the offset printing with alcohol cotton balls.

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