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What Do You Know About Hotel Towel Linen Washing Methods?

1. Precautions:

(1) Washing method: gentle washing;

(2) Detergents should be used in strict accordance with the instruction manual, more or less is not good;

(3) The loading capacity of washing towels is 75%-80% of the design capacity of the washing machine. For example, the weight of towels loaded in a washing machine with a capacity of 100 kg is 75-80 kg.

2. Precautions for anti-pilling and pilling:

(1) When washing towels, fill the towels with 70%~80% of the capacity of the washing machine, if it is higher than 80%, it is easy to fluff and pill.

(2) Use high water level when washing towels, and low water level towels are easy to pilling.

(3) Towels should be washed and cleaned.

3. Precautions for anti-staining and discoloration:

(1) Dyed or yarn-dyed towels cannot be washed with white towels.

(2) Do not touch dyed or yarn-dyed towels: heavy detergent, chlorine-containing detergent (chlorine bleaching powder), hydrosulfite and other additives.

(3) Dyed or yarn-dyed towels should be dried in time after washing, and should not be stacked wet to prevent staining.

4. Precautions for washing white towels:

(1) White towels cannot be washed with dyed or yarn-dyed towels.

(2) It is not advisable to use heavy detergent when washing white towels, which will affect the whiteness of towels.

(3) White towels should not be washed with color bleaching powder or chlorine bleaching powder for a long time or in large quantities.

(4) The choice of washing aid for white towels should have a whitening effect, so that the whiteness of the towels will not decrease. Such as: whitening washing powder, whitening color bleaching powder, etc.

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