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Why do Hotels Still Tuck Comforters Under Mattresses?

1. A new feeling

If the quilt is tucked under the mattress and pulled out by ourselves when we sleep, it feels like it is brand new, and occasionally there is a sense of accomplishment from pulling out the quilt.

2. Warmer

In winter, many people like to wrap themselves in a quilt and tuck the quilt under the mattress. When it is pulled out, it fits well with the mattress, which can be said to be very warm.

3. The room looks tidier

After the quilt is tucked under the mattress, the bed is less likely to wrinkle and looks more tidy. This is also the reason why many bathroom glass is made transparent. The guest room looks more tidy, and we will feel much better when we check in.

4. Avoid misunderstandings

Folding the quilt is a technical job. If the cleaning staff does not fold it well, it will be misunderstood by the guests as if they have slept in and not cleaned. After all, not everyone can fold the quilt into such a tofu block and stuff it under the mattress. Save the trouble of the staff not folding the quilt.

5. A good quilt can improve sleep quality

There are quilts with different weights in different seasons. In winter, in addition to air conditioning heating, if you are afraid of the cold, you can also add blankets. In spring and autumn, thin and light quilts make us sleep more comfortably. In summer, everyone generally turns on the air conditioner. Increase or decrease the quilt according to your own needs.

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