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9 Methods Teach You How to Maintain Hotel Customers

Retaining old customers can make the company's competitive advantage permanent. Hotel services have developed from the stage of standardized and meticulous service to the stage of personalized customer participation. A successful hotel and a successful salesperson will regard retaining old customers as the top priority of the hotel and its own development. According to several surveys by a consulting company, it has been proved that retaining old customers contributes much more to corporate benefits than focusing only on market share and developing economies of scale. Therefore, it is conceivable that hotel personnel maintain the importance of customers. If hotel personnel want to maintain old customers well, they need to do these 9 points!

1. Learn to abandon invalid customers

Some customers are invalid customers, such as some customers who are greedy for cheap and come in group purchases. For these customers, enterprises should first think of changing their consumption patterns, such as sending VIP cards and points for consumption. But if many marketing methods are not successful, from a realistic point of view, they should be abandoned. This is not to deliberately ignore a certain customer group, but to not spend too much energy on the management of old customers with weak spending power.

2. Pay attention to lost old customers

A large amount of information can be obtained from lost customers to improve management. Customer churn indicates that the consumption value provided by the enterprise to customers has declined, it indicates that customers are not satisfied with the value created by the company, and it indicates that the value provided by the enterprise to customers has defects in one or more aspects. Any error in any link of these value activities will have a negative impact on the value created by the hotel company for customers.

3. Gain insight into why customers churn

Only in this way can we discover the problems existing in the operation and management, take necessary measures to prevent the loss of other customers, and sometimes encourage the lost customers to re-purchase the company's products and services, and establish a more stable cooperative relationship with the company. Calculate the "lifetime value" of each old customer to the company to determine which customers to retain and which customers to abandon, and then choose the right time to re-contact the correct customers, and let them establish a strong relationship with the company, products and services. loyalty.

4. Take the initiative to accept customer complaints and respond positively

According to statistics, dissatisfied customers will complain to 11 people, and 95% of customers who get satisfactory responses will become repeat customers.

5. Carry out frequent customer satisfaction tracking surveys

For customers who have lost, it is necessary to conduct a loss analysis to find the root cause of the problem.

6. Hotel companies should establish a good customer management system

Pay attention to collecting the consumption information of old customers. If you find old customers who have not come to spend once in two weeks, the manager should call the old customers to greet them, understand the reasons for future consumption, and make timely adjustments.

7. It is best not to ask for the phone number directly

Many customers don't want to be disturbed. You can leave the old customer's whatsapp or email for easy contact. Special personnel will be responsible for WhatsApp and email account management. Chat with old customers from time to time to increase emotions. If the customer comes within a month When the consumption does not exceed three times, the manager can communicate with him through WhatsApp and email accounts about the reasons and opinions for not frequent consumption.

8. Send a message to inform old customers as soon as possible

Let old customers feel respected and show the hotel's care for him. Even old customers who haven't been here for a long time must persist, so as to restore customers' good impression of the hotel.

9. For old customers who have not come, the hotel will send blessing text messages every year on special occasions

We cannot ignore and manage these customers just because they will consume in the future. As long as we persist, these lost customers will come back again.

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