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How Should Hotel Towels be Placed When in Use?

A floor towel placed on the bathroom doorknob or on the sink to prevent the newly showered water from getting on and slipping, and is used to wipe the floor water. On the pavement, let the guests take a sip of water from their feet after taking a shower to avoid water stains in the room, and at the same time avoid wet and slippery feet when leaving the house to prevent accidents.

Before going to bed in the hotel, wet the towel and hang it on the doorknob. Wet wipes can filter toxic fumes to a certain extent. In the event of a fire, getting towels from the bathroom will delay a lot of escape time. Conveniently use the towel on the doorknob, not only to escape in a short time, but also to prevent poisoning. When living in a hotel with a lower floor, such as floors 3 to 5, wet towels can be used to escape. The fire has just broken out and will not produce heavy smoke and dust, so if the smoke is small, use a towel to remove the smoke, and the effect is about 3 minutes.

If the fire is very large, even if you live on a lower floor and cover your mouth and nose with a towel to escape, your eyes will be choked by the smoke and you will not be able to see the escape route at all.

How to maintain the towels in the hotel bathroom:

Avoid overheating water when washing hotel towels: Avoid overheating water and long-term drying when washing cotton towels. When drying, tumble drying in the machine can make cotton towels more fluffy and soft, while hanging drying can not achieve this effect.

Hotel towels Never pour detergent directly on towels: a small amount of detergent can make towels softer. Avoid pouring detergent directly on towels, as detergent residue can cause towels to stiffen, and minimize chlorine bleach.

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