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What is The Difference Between The Towel Weaving Process in The Hotel?

There are many kinds of towel weaving techniques, including plain weaving, jacquard, satin, satin jacquard, cut pile, etc. Today, let’s talk about the general techniques of towels used in hotels. Next, the linen supplier of Hanbi Hotel will share with you the specific differences between them!

1. Flat woven towel

But literally understanding plain weaving means that the cloth surface of the towel does not have any patterns or logos. If you want to make a hotel name or store logo on a plain weaving towel, you can only embroider or print it on the towel. The advantages of flat weaving towels are Fast delivery, short production cycle, and relatively cheap prices. If you need to use it urgently, flat-woven currency is an ideal choice.

2. Jacquard towel

In the process of towel weaving, through computer digital programming and plate making, weave the required pattern, text or logo on the towel. The jacquard part has a concave and convex feeling, which is more classy! This kind of jacquard is more suitable for higher-end hotels, hotels, sauna clubs, etc. There is another jacquard process called "dyed jacquard", that is, the logo or pattern on the towel can be distinguished by different colors, and the colors are clear and vivid. The jacquard part has no concave-convex feeling, but the color of the front and back of the towel is exactly opposite. This process generally requires a large quantity, and is more suitable for high-end gifts.

3. Satin towel

That is to weave a section of satin pattern horizontal strip on the terry part close to the plain cloth at both ends of the towel, or weave a wider satin edge at one end. We generally call it "platinum satin". It is formed by warp floats and can also be formed by weft floats. Clear patterns and logos can be embroidered on the section. This technique is more used in star hotels or high-end gifts.

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