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Hotel Linen Supplier How to wash bed sheet out mildew point? | Hanbi Textile

The cause of yellow sheets

The main reason for the yellow cotton sheets is because of the weak secretion of the body and fluorescent agents, such as body sweat, touch dirt in life and other aspects will dirty the sheets leading to yellow. In addition, the sheet in the process of cleaning residual soap residue will also cause the fabric yellowing, if not timely cleaning is easy to remain on the clothing.

There are different methods for different stains

The bedding cloth is yellow

The sheet opened, found the original white bedding cloth above a lot of yellow stains, it is not easy to remove cleaning, how to do? You just need to prepare a watering can, add an appropriate amount of water + baking soda + vinegar + dishwashing liquid, and then shake evenly, aim at those yellow marks a spray, with a towel wipe more.

The sheets are stained with mould

Some of the sheets waiting for a long time have mildew stains, the tree has seen some damas new bed put away for many years, and then take out the time, found damp and mildew, lost a pity. How do you deal with it? Boil lemon slices in water, soak sheets for 15 minutes, take out the bed is not only clean as new, but also with a lemon scent ~

The sheets are stained with oil

Sometimes hotel guests sit on the bed to eat, always accidentally get oil on the sheets, then you do not need to be nervous, immediately cover the salt on the grease, salt to absorb the grease, and then gently brush off the salt, fabric brand new; Don't panic and get hot water.

The sheets have ballpoint pen marks

Meet children accidentally, the ballpoint pen, pen to the sheet. At this time, milk can do its job. Heat and boil, wipe with cotton can remove the handwriting on the sheets, light milk fragrance, with clean clothes, physical and mental comfort.

Trying to make the sheets whiter

Using rice to wash the bed, is an ancient method called starch, with this meth

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