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What is combed cotton? Its disadvantages and advantages?

Combed Cotton - Use a combing machine to remove the shorter fibers (up to 1CM), leaving the longer, neat fibers. Combed cotton produces yarn of better quality. The fabric made of combed cotton yarn has high quality levels in texture, washable and durability. Combed cotton refers to the process of spinning, the addition of fine carding procedures, the practice is to comb the short fibers and remove impurities in the cotton, to create a smooth yarn, make the cotton more ductile, less pilling, cotton quality is more stable.

Classification of cotton: common cotton, first grade cotton, second grade cotton, third grade cotton, fourth grade cotton, fifth grade cotton, etc

Classification of cotton yarn: Combed cotton for 1, 2 cotton

General comb cotton for grade 3, grade 4 cotton

Cotton yarn: 120, 100, 80, 60, 40, 32 (symbol: s, unit of cotton yarn)

Hotel linen commonly used fabric (yarn) : 40*40 60*40 60*60 60*60 60*80(80*60) 80*100

Hotel linen with the most: 60*40 (longitude - length 60, latitude - width 40)

Combing cotton is by using a combing machine to remove the longer impurity fibers in the cotton fibers, so that the fibers become neat, more exquisite after the completion of weaving, and the density distribution will be more uniform. This leads to a characteristic of combed cotton, which is thicker and more durable than pure cotton. So durability, and the thickness of the material, is a difference between combed cotton and pure cotton.

The smoothness of the surface. Although on the surface, there is no other difference in color, both are white, and both are very light. But in the sense of touch, combed cotton because of the reason of technology, its sense of touch is superior. We can use this method when we make distinctions. Pure cotton materials will be more ball tolerant, which is the defect of pure cotton materials.

It is easy to deform and shrink, which is also a shortcoming of pure cotton materials. Because there is space in the material, it is easy to deform under the influence of temperature and force, while combed cotton does not have this problem.

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