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Hotel bed standard configuration introduction

Hotel bed standard configuration introduction

Hotel bedding according to the fabric category can be divided into high density fabric, medium density fabric and low density fabric. It can be distinguished by the naked eye and the sense of touch. High-grade bedding fabrics generally use high-density cotton fabrics. And low-end market product configuration can generally use medium density, low density fabrics or blended or chemical fiber fabrics. There are plain, twill, stripes, plaid and other fabric patterns or according to the hotel style.

Hotel bed color

In addition to the quality of hotel bedding, the choice of color is also very important. Hotel home textiles are usually white or light coloured and are elegantly laid on the bed without any fancy design. Reassure customers, help relieve fatigue and facilitate deep sleep. At the same time, white bedding can be exposed to pollution, so that timely detection of replacement cleaning, to ensure cleanliness. At the same time, from the Angle of environmental protection and low carbon analysis, can eliminate the printing and dyeing production process of chemical pollutants.

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Hotel bed filler

Fillers include down, hollow cotton, soft cotton, loose cotton, three-dimensional curly single-hole cotton, seven-hole cotton, smooth cotton, sun down cotton, silk cotton, polyester cotton and so on. The difference between these fillings is also relatively large, the hotel should choose according to their actual situation.

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