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Hanbi wholesalers tell you how to use a duvet?

Hanbi wholesalers tell you how to use a duvet?

How to wash a duvet? How to use and maintain a duvet

Usually use the duvet family conditions are relatively good, the family environment is relatively clean, personal hygiene is very good, so the duvet is not easy to dirty. But for a long time, the duvet should be cleaned. So how do you wash a duvet? Today we will look at how to clean the method of duvet, as well as the knowledge of how to use and maintain the duvet, to help you use the duvet correctly.

How to wash a duvet?

1. duvet down can be washed or dry cleaned. It is important that the duvet is clean after cleaning. If there is dust attached to the filaments, or dirty dry wash, it will not be able to fluffy well. So the maintenance of the duvet is not expensive, does not necessarily need to carry out special cleaning. Washing e is also possible, only need to use neutral detergent, in the dirty place with a brush gently brush clean, remember not to use the hand to wring, just put it in a cool ventilated place to dry.

2.if the duvet is not too dirty, you can use dry cleaning method, and you can clean at home. The method is to gently wipe with a towel dipped in gasoline on the four sides of the duvet or where there are stains. After the stains are removed, wipe the place stained with gasoline with a dry towel, and so on after the natural volatilization of gasoline.

3. Hand wash the duvet is to soak the duvet in cold water for 20min, so that the duvet is fully wet inside and outside. Melt detergent (neutral, bleach-free) in warm water at 30 degrees Celsius, soak the duvet in it for 15 minutes, and then gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinsing also with warm water, can help the detergent fully dissolve in the water, can make the duvet rinse more clean. After washing, take it to the sun to dry. If possible, you can also dry it in the dryer at low temperature, and then shake it vigorously to make the down fluffy. This will help restore the fluffy, soft texture of the down without damaging the quilt.

How to use and maintain a duvet?

1. In the process of making the duvet, the duvet is sterilized at more than 100 degrees Celsius, so there will be no harmful bacteria. But for a long time in a damp place, there will be bacteria on the surface. Therefore, when the duvet is not used for a long time, it should be placed in the sun in a place where the humidity is low. If it is used again, it should be aired and used again when it is taken out.

2.duvet stains must not be put into the washing machine washing, but to get a professional laundry to wash, with neutral cleaning agent or special feather cleaning agent rinsing, in addition should add some aromatic agents. Also don't dry clean the duvet, as that will wash the natural oils out of the down (if the duck doesn't have any in its feathers, it will sink into the water).

3. duvet collection should be fully dry quilt, and placed in a well-ventilated place to keep, can be appropriate into insect repellent, but can not be mothballs such as insect control items directly and quilt or cloth contact, otherwise the smell will penetrate the next use.

4. In order to maintain the elasticity of the duvet to extend the service life, collection should not be heavy, and do not use the popular vacuum storage bag, because of the long-term squashed state, will make the quilt material elastic fatigue, loose and feel poor next season, affecting the warmth.

Duvet texture is light, but in cleaning, if it is water, once immersed in the hand, due to water absorption, it will become very heavy and heavy, hand washing is very difficult, so it is not recommended that you wash your own hand, not only very tired and may damage the duvet. In addition to cleaning the duvet, in peacetime use, it is also necessary to maintain the duvet scientifically in a timely manner, so as to keep the duvet clean.

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