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The choice of sheet fabric is very simple, but there are a lot of skills, according to the habit of thinking is to choose cotton can, first of all to distinguish what kind of sheet fabric, the sheet fabric is the most comfortable. Below we will share the fabric classification of sheet cloth, and what skills to choose sheet cloth.

Plain bed sheet

Fabrics made of plain weave (warp and weft interwoven at every other yarn) are called plain weave fabrics. Fabric characteristics: interweaving points, solid texture, crisp, flat surface, front and back of the same appearance, plain sheet fabric density can not be too high, relatively light, good air permeability. 

Plain sheet count in about 30, the density is slightly lower, sheet fabric is more likely to jump yarn and other defects, the price is also relatively low.

Fancy bed sheet

When the fabric is woven, the warp and weft structure changes to form a pattern (the pattern on the fabric is woven out, not ordinary printing, not embroidery). , fine yarn count, its needle density is high, no deformation, no fading, comfortable feeling.

 At present, jacquard is very popular in the market, satin sheets, fabric color is rich, not monotonous, three-dimensional sense of pattern is strong, it appears that the bed sheet grade is higher, grade.

Twill bed sheet

Warp and weft are interwoven at least two lengths apart, and warp and weft interwoven points are added to change the fabric structure, collectively known as twill fabric. 

Sheet fabric features: there are positive and negative points, a complete organizational cycle in the interweaving point less, the floating line is longer, feel soft, bedsheet fabric density is higher, relatively thick, three-dimensional sense is strong. The number of branches is 30, 40, 60.

Satin bed sheet

The warp and weft are interwoven at least three lengths apart, so the satin texture makes the fabric denser, so the sheet fabric is thicker. Satin sheets cost more than similar plain and twill sheets, 

and the fabric is smooth, delicate and glossy.

Cotton sheet cloth, the most comfortable and the most breathable, so most families in the choice of sheet cloth, most will choose cotton sheets. Cotton sheets are among the most affordable.

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Sheet fabric selection tips:

So in the face of these three kinds of bedsheet cloth con

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