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About Hanbi Wholesale 100% cotton. What's the difference?

In the four-piece market, the most questioned are "pure cotton", "cotton" and "100% cotton".

These types of cotton are the five most common cotton materials in a four-piece set. Now let's talk about the differences.

Long staple cotton

The product is a very energy efficient lighting option because it utilizes the input power more efficiently to generate light rather than light created by heat. This allows it to produce a much higher lumen output per watt.

First of all, according to the fiber length, cotton can be roughly divided into three kinds, long staple cotton, fine velvet cotton and coarse velvet cotton.

Cotton wool is too short for machine textile, so only long staple cotton and fine staple cotton are used in cotton textiles.

Long staple cotton is one of the best cotton, long fiber, high strength, strong water absorption.

And in long staple cotton, Egypt long staple cotton is the most senior.

Egyptian long staple cotton

The world's most expensive cotton, mainly produced in the Nile Valley, has been a first-class textile material for thousands of years. Egyptian cotton is rich in silky luster, the fabric is dense and detailed, excellent toughness, strong air permeability, no sweat, and the effect of quick drying is much stronger than the general cotton fabric.

Xinjiang long staple cotton

Xinjiang long-staple cotton can be said to be the best cotton in China. Its main producing area is Xinjiang, including Turpan Basin, Aksu, Bayingoleng and Kashgar.

Xinjiang long staple cotton is of good quality, and the quality index exceeds the national standard. It is usually used for various high-grade cotton fabrics.

Combed cotton

Just now we introduced the long staple cotton according to the length of the cotton fiber, and the following combed cotton is named according to the spinning process of cotton.

In the spinning process of cotton, the combing machine removes the shorter fibers (less than 1CM) of the cotton fiber, leaving behind the longer, neat fibers, and then becomes combed cotton.

Combed cotton luster good, relatively high-grade, not easy to fuzz, pilling. So in the ordinary cotton and combed cotton, or choose combed cotton is better.

Washed cotton

About washed cotton, many people have stepped into the wrong area. Some people believe that washed cotton is a specially treated cotton, while others believe that washed cotton is not cotton at all.

In fact, both statements are true, the key is to look at the ingredients on the label of cotton goods.

One is natural cotton:

With cotton as raw material, after special treatment, the surface color and luster of the fabric are softer, and the feel is softer, and the slight crease degree reflects a sense of old materials. This kind of washed cotton is made from cotton, so the price will be slightly more expensive than ordinary cotton products.

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