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What should I do if my duvet leaks feathers?

What should I do if my duvet leaks feathers?

It is recommended to replace the anti-velvet fabric, the use of this kind of wool leakage fabric sooner or later a day down will mostly leak light, the best way is not to let it continue to run hair, find a place to re-make the duvet, and then choose an anti-velvet fabric, it will be replaced, so that only the replacement of a shell fabric money, at least the proportion of a new buy a duvet more cost-effective.

If you do not want to remove the duvet, you can directly add a bed of anti-velvet fabric outside, the disadvantage is that the duvet will become a little thicker, more than a layer of fabric inside.

The cause of leakage in the duvet

1, the first reason is that the fabric density is not enough, resulting in poor anti-velvet effect.

2, the second reason is that down mixed with a large number of feather silk, fly silk, wool and other relatively poor filling, so that becomes dense anti-velvet fabric may also appear hair leakage phenomenon.

3, the third reason is that the needle eye is too thick, fly wire, wool from the needle eye drill out.

How to choose anti-velvet fabric

1, in the purchase of duvet should choose anti-velvet material, followed by the need to pay attention to air permeability, softness and cover there is no sound.

2, in the purchase of duvet, see the trademark written on the duvet content is how much, if it says the content is very high, but the outside fabric is relatively low-end, then this needs to pay attention to, since the content is relatively high, why not use good fabric? This is not recommended for purchase.

3, if the content of the duvet is not high, but its fabric is relatively thin, and the fabric gap is relatively large, this is not recommended to buy, so it is easy to appear the phenomenon of hair leakage.

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