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Must see!Hanbi Hotel wholesale suppliers show you the function of bed runner

When we stay in a hotel, we usually see a piece of cloth at the end of the hotel bed. But many people don't know what it's for, or even feel a bit in the way, so when they check in to their room, they remove the cloth. Is it really redundant?

This cloth is actually called a bed banner, or some people call it a bed end towel. Bed flags come in a variety of colors and patterns and are often used in mid - to high-end hotels.

what's the purpose of this bed runner?

1、Place items

Check into the hotel, most of the guests will carry small bags, mobile phones and so on directly into the bed, and the hotel provides most of the bed is white, it is likely to be stained with dust from the outside, rain and so on. At this time if laying a bed tail towel, it will greatly protect the bed from being dirty.


Sometimes people eat good food, play games, watch TV in bed... In this process, there will be a certain amount of debris, especially when sitting or lying on the bed to eat, food debris and waste accidentally fall on the quilt, so the existence of the bed flag, also a good solution to this embarrassment, so there is no need to wash the sheets and covers.

3、Maintain hygiene

Some people must have this habit, travel a day, want to lie down to rest, shoes are too lazy to take off, with a bed flag, sheets will not be dirty shoes.

4、Decorative effect

As we all know, hotel sheets and pillows are generally white and monotonous. Bed flags are usually dark colored and can be used to decorate a room to make it look less boring.

5、Thermal action

When sleeping, the quilt at the end of the bed often spreads out or falls off half, so it is easy to catch a cold in a cold day. With this towel at the end of the bed, it can prevent the quilt from spreading out and play the role of keeping warm and cold.

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