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How do you know if hotel sheets are clean?

The easiest way to find out is to smell the sheets, if they smell sweat, or whatever,You can also observe the humidity of the sheets, the humidity is high is certainly not changed.

1、 softness: washed generally will be hard, and not changed will be slightly soft

2、 smell: hotel cleaning will use the smell of bleach, the smell of bleach is obvious and easy to cover up, so smell the sheets is not still bleach smell

3、look at the overall appearance is not neat and clean. Visually check the sheets and covers for cave-in, hair, and signs of obvious oversleeping.

4、look at the creases in the sheets. A new sheet is not the same as a crease that someone has slept on. Because new sheets have been washed and ironed and folded, the crease in the sheet is clearly visible, and when lightly brushed, this crease will fade and disappear if someone has lain in it, or more creases will appear in the sheet. If the attendant did not change the sheets, no matter how high the level, it is impossible to return to the original crease.

Three is the same as looking at the sheets, to see whether the pillow is creased. And check the pillow for hair or something. Just look at it with your eyes. You can also press the pillow, if the elasticity is very good you can rest assured, if the elasticity is very bad basically no replacement.

Still, smell the sheets and pillows for odors. If your sheets smell like shampoo, body wash, perfume, or skincare products, your sheets have never been changed.

Basically, after reading these points, no problems can be found.

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