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How to choose pillow core bed products?

Choice of filling material

Core filling mainly includes natural animal and plant fiber, chemical synthetic fiber and mixed fiber three categories.

Natural animal and plant fibre

Natural animal and plant fibers mainly include: down, wool, cotton, mulberry silk and so on. Because the hotel rooms are in a relatively closed environment, there are special requirements for filling materials. Among them, wool after moisture absorption odor, cotton is easy to absorb moisture and the new and old warm change, the warmth of silk is not enough, therefore, these three kinds of hotel generally do not use core materials. Down is warm, fluffy, light and soft, breathable and moist, and has gradually become the preferred filling material for high-grade hotels and is widely used.

Chemosynthetic fibre

Chemical synthetic fibers are mainly polyester fibers, which can be processed into different shapes according to different functional requirements.

In order to increase the warmth, can be processed into porous fiber (single hole, four holes, seven holes, etc.); In order to increase the fluffiness, it can be processed into three-dimensional crimped fibers. To increase softness, it can be processed into microfibers; In order to improve the hydrophilicity of polyester, hydrophilic groups can be added to process into hydrophilic fiber.

Mixed fibre

Mainly composed of natural fiber, chemical fiber or some new materials and other two or more kinds of mixed fiber, through mixing can improve each other's defects or add some new functions.

The choice of pillow core

A good night's sleep is closely related to a good pillow.

Choice of filling material

The stuffing of the pillow core is richer than the core. In addition to down and polyester fibers, there are memory cotton, buckwheat, cassia seed, bamboo charcoal, ginkgo, kapok, etc. At present, the hotel commonly used materials or down, polyester fiber based. In recent years, memory cotton because of its unique slow rebound function is favored by many hotels, most of the other materials used as hotel function pillow core.

Fill weight of choice

The filling amount of the pillow core is more difficult to grasp, but in general, the filling weight of the pillow core must meet two conditions.

The choice of appropriate height

The right height can make the cervical spine in a natural relaxed state, but the body is not the same, the sleeping position is not the same, the height of the pillow core is not the same, generally lying pillow core height in a fist, the side lying pillow core height in one and a half fists.

Reasonable choice of hardness and softness

The pillow core can not be very soft, no support, nor very rigid, will make the neck feel very tired, can not achieve the effect of relaxation. A good pillow core should have the same slow rebound function as memory cotton, and should take into account hardness and softness. When the head falls on the pillow, it will slowly fall, and eventually naturally form the shape of low middle and high sides, so that the cervical vertebra can be fully relaxed.

Based on this principle. Single-layer down pillow core generally choose 30%~50% of the content of the multi-layer down pillow core can choose the outer layer of high velvet, middle of the form of low velvet.

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