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What are the methods to remedy the hotel linen stain?

Imagine, in the hotel white bed, the customer inadvertently will sweat stains, blood stains, oil stains, lipstick stains, coffee stains, tea stains stains on the bed, or the hotel long-term storage and retention of mildew, rust and other stubborn stains, these stains even if timely cleaning will leave a mark, so how to completely remove these stains?

  1. 1、The cloth soaked by sweat can be soaked in water in time, and then rubbed with soap and washed with water. Enzymatic detergent is also very effective in removing sweat stains when washing in the washing machine. If it is old sweat stains, can be cleaned with 1% ammonia (water temperature of 40℃-50℃), and then with 1% oxalic acid solution (or lemon juice solution) washing, and then knead with laundry detergent, and finally rinse with 30℃ warm water.         

2、 Theblood stains on the linen should be washed with cold water rather than hot water. Cleaning general blood stains, add enzyme detergent, can remove blood stains. If it is old blood, it can be treated with lemon juice and salt water. For intractable blood stains, wipe with a mixture of 2 parts borax, 1 part 10% ammonia and 20 parts water, and rinse with clean water after the blood stains are removed. If the white linen is stained with blood, add a certain amount of bleach, can also remove the blood stain.

3、 Infected with damp stubborn mildew, how to remove? To remove the new mildew, you can brush the mildew lightly first, and then rub it with laundry soap on the stain. For stubborn mildew, wipe with alcohol, and finally wash with enzyme detergent. When washing with the washing machine, for different colors of linen, the use of bleaching solution or color bleaching solution to soak local mildew, and then conventional washing can be done.

4、Contaminated with oil stains, the area of the larger oil stains need to be dry cleaned. Small area of oil spots, newer oil stains, can be used collar or laundry detergent before the cloth is not soaked in water for pretreatment, five minutes later with a brush to scrub, and then wash in the normal way.

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