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Hard mattress soft mattress which is better?

A hard bed is good for you. Especially children, sleep hard bed is conducive to body growth.

Such illogical words, but do not know how many people cheated.

hard mattress VS soft mattress
Hard mattress

A stiff mattress can interfere with circulation.

The normal physiological structure of the human spine shows an S-shaped physiological curve from the side. If you sleep on a hard bed, the normal curve of the human spine cannot be matched, and the waist cannot be supported. After a long time, it is easy to cause strain and aggravate the symptoms of back pain.

Perfect bed, on the body protrusion bones, joints and certain influence. Sleeping on a hard bed, only the head, back, hip, heel a few points to bear the pressure, the spine will be in a stiff and tense state, the need for lumbar muscles to support, sleep should not reach the effect.

Soft mattress

Scientific research has proved that too soft mattress, when the human body lies on it, will make the spine curved state, will feel back pain in the short term, long-term will cause the middle part of the body sag, upper body muscle relaxation, lower muscle tension, easy to cause lumbar muscle and bone strain.

It should be noted that sleeping in a soft bed for a long time can seriously affect the development of the spine of a growing child, causing humpback and curvature of the spine.

From the above, there are two main criteria when choosing a mattress.

The first step is to keep your spine straight and open, so that no matter what position you are in, you will get a good night's sleep. Secondly, the pressure should be equal, as long as people lying in bed can be fully relaxed, it is OK, and then according to the height, weight, sleeping position and so on to choose the right mattress, most of the weight of more than 80KG people should choose some hard mattress.

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