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Washed cotton

About washed cotton, many people have stepped into the wrong area. Some people believe that washed cotton is a specially treated cotton, while others believe that washed cotton is not cotton at all.

In fact, both statements are true, the key is to look at the ingredients on the label of cotton goods.

In fact, washed cotton can probably be divided into two categories:

One is natural cotton:

With cotton as raw material, after special treatment, the surface color and luster of the fabric are softer, and the feel is softer, and the slight crease degree reflects a sense of old materials. This kind of washed cotton is made from cotton, so the price will be slightly more expensive than ordinary cotton products.

Another is chemical fiber fabric:

Polyester is the main material, polyester itself has better insulation, environmental protection and non-toxic. Most of the inexpensive four-piece sets sold online are made of this chemical fiber washed cotton.

The easiest way to tell the difference between these two fabrics is to look at the specifications, or what is written on the tag.

Natural cotton washed cotton:

Chemical fiber fabric washed cotton:

1.100% polyku fiber

2.washable cotton

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