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What are the factors that the hotel's newly bought towel does not absorb water?

What are the factors that the hotel's newly bought towel does not absorb water?

Many customers will ask why some newly bought towels do not absorb water after launching? 

And some cotton newly bought towels drop a drop of water, the water immediately into the wool circle? Because in the process of handling the newly bought towels, an additive is used: softener

Softener is a kind of chemical substance that can change the static and dynamic friction coefficient of fiber. When the coefficient of static friction is changed, it feels smooth and easy to move on the fiber or fabric; When the coefficient of dynamic friction is changed, the fine structure between the fiber and the fiber is easy to move each other, that is, the fiber or fabric is easy to deform

The comprehensive feeling of the two is soft, the characteristics of general household towels are: thin density, thin weight square grams, so the gap between the wool circle and the wool circle is large, general water absorption will be good, and the hotel towel in order to make the service life longer, it is characterized by: heavy square grams, dense density, the gap between the wool circle is relatively small, so in order to increase its comfort, Softener must be added, and the main component of softener is silicone oil, and the water absorption of pure cotton towel itself will be restored after two times of normal use of water.

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