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How to correctly judge the bath towel does not lose hair?

According to many years of experience in the hotel linen industry, we are told that there are mainly the following reasons for the hair loss of hotel cotton bath towels.

(1) The cotton yarn selected in the production of bath towels is of lower grade, more short fibers, and the raw materials are not good enough to lead to the hair loss of bath towel products. Good bath towel manufacturers will pick up from the source, choose to import a good cotton yarn, and the bath towels produced will not have hair loss.

(2) There will be bleaching steps in the production process of the bath towel, because the bleaching technology is immature, the cooking time is too long, so that the cotton fiber is damaged, which will also lead to the bath towel will lose hair

(3) In the production will affect the bath towel will not fall off hair, secondly, if the bath towel does not fall off hair, the later washing method is inappropriate will lead to bath towel hair, some washing companies in order to save costs with inferior detergent, will lead to bath towel hair, and some washing companies in order to outstanding effect, excessive use of softener and bleach, will also cause bath towel hair

Washing tips

Water temperature should not exceed 75°C. At the same time, the installed capacity must be 70% to 80% of the loading capacity; Especially when the installed machine is obviously insufficient, the washing intensity of the linen will be improved. The service life of the cloth is affected.

bleaching: the use of oxygen bleaching. Do not use chlorine bleaching. In particular, new towels and bathrobes have good water absorption and good bleach absorbency. This link is not well controlled, and the damage to new towels and bathrobes is greater than that of old towels. This is also one of the reasons why some new towels and bathrobes in the hotel are damaged. When putting bleach into the new products, the bleaching solution must be adjusted evenly. Control polyester temperature and PH value.

thoroughly filter out the detergent residue on the towel and bathrobe. It is recommended that the number of times of water is not less than: 2 times. When washing, the water should be sufficient. If the washing water is not clear, the impurities, dirt and washing agents that are stripped from the washing water will be attached to the surface of the product again, affecting the washing effect and causing damage to the interior of the fiber. When washing white products, try to wash chlorine. The presence of chlorine causes the fibers to oxidize too much, causing the white towel to turn yellow

(4) There is also a long placement time, bath towel fiber damage will also cause bath towel hair, some hotels will stock, bath towel storage (more than 6 months), placed in a space with excessive humidity, so that cotton fiber tissue damage, it will cause bath towel hair.

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