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How to manage hotel linen?

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On the basis of the classification of linen, a register is prepared, the specific quantity of linen is registered in detail, the categories of "in the warehouse" and "in use" are determined, and the linen is regularly counted. Regular inventory can not only clearly know the use of linen, but also replace the damaged fabric in time to avoid the appearance of residual cloth in front of guests, affecting the image of the hotel, but also conducive to the accounting and statistical analysis of management personnel in the future.

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Hotel linen inventory should pay attention to

When the person in charge of the hotel room counts all the linen every month, timely replaces the unqualified linen, and conducts the linen use and damage analysis record inspection, the person in charge of the hotel room shall check with the person responsible for collecting and receiving the linen, fill in the inventory list carefully, and sign for confirmation. 3, responsible for daily contact with the hotel linen washing plant management technical personnel, to daily need to clean the quantity of linen, type and other content check and record.

Linen storage room, recycling room management

Nothing but linen can be stored in the linen room. And it should be equipped with doors, curtains, and illuminate the cloth room. 

clean the work car and linen recycling car in time, pay attention not to stack too high.

Linen washing

According to the standard washing treatment process, choose good detergent to avoid bad effects of detergent on linen. Bad detergent, poor washing quality, stain cleaning is not clean.

The transportation process should be regulated and managed.

Advanced washing equipment and large washing plants are selected to ensure the washing and ironing effect of the cloth.

The cloth with heavy environmental pollution is placed separately and sent to the laundry factory, and the local simple treatment is carried out before the formal washing, so that the heavy pollution problem parts are easier to clean.

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