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How to extend the service life of towels?

After a towel is used for a period of time, there will be damage: small holes are broken, edges and corners are broken, the hem falls off, it becomes thin and easy to break, the color becomes cloudy, and the softness of the towel is reduced

When the above situation occurs, the towel should be replaced in time to consider the causes, generally speaking, the number of washing of cotton fabrics is about: cotton sheets, pillowcases 120-150 times cotton towel class 110-140 times

Table cloth, door cloth 120-130 times.

So how do we control the loss of a towel, https://www.hanbi-hotelsupplies.com/ teach you to extend the service life of a towel?

1.If you want to extend the service life of a towel, first of all, use detergent correctly, grasp reasonable feeding time and temperature, understand the basic characteristics and use methods of detergent, remove excessive residual chlorine with dechlorination agent in time, and neutralize residual alkali with neutralizing agent:

2.Want to extend the service life of a towel should avoid direct contact with pure cotton fabrics with strong acid or corrosive chemicals;

3.If you want to extend the service life of a towel, you must do a good job of sorting before washing, including the classification of terry cloth grass and the separation of debris

4.If you want to extend the service life of a towel, be careful during the towel collection and transportation process to prevent secondary contamination and accidental breakage

5.Want to extend the service life of a towel should avoid "fatigue use", that is, washing many times a day, so every day will accelerate the reduction of towel life. It should be allowed to have sufficient rest time, at least more than 24 hours, that is, after washing, rest for one day, and then use the next day.

6.Want to extend the service life of a towel must often check the machine, to prevent secondary pollution and man-made damage, washing load should be appropriate (80%~85%), too much or too little on the towel's cleanliness and wear have an impact.

7.Want to extend the service life of a towel before washing operation should be empty machine check whether there is sharp, iron debris in the machine drum.

8.Want to extend the service life of a towel to do a good job of the classification of old and new towels, the natural damage of old towels and abnormal damage should be treated differently, the strength of new and old towels should be different the length of dehydration time should be different.

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