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How to wash and maintain linen sheets?

What season are linen sheets suitable for?

Suitable for summer. Linen sheets have a certain moisture absorption and perspiration effect, and have a breathable and cool effect. Because of the smooth and smooth surface fibers, linen sheets do not encourage the growth of bacteria.

Flax is a plant widely cultivated around the world, probably originating in West Asia, as a pure natural fiber, flax with sweat absorption, good air permeability and harmless to the human body and other remarkable characteristics, in the clothing, textile industry more and more attention.

Linen sheet selection tips

1.sheets for people is to be directly in contact with the skin, so it is necessary to buy those no chemical composition of sheets, so will choose linen material, but linen material is also divided into different types, so when buying we must look carefully, must choose pure linen material. Pure linen mattresses also prevent the growth of bacteria, so when buying must first understand what kind of material pure linen

2.the color choice of bed sheets is also more important, especially for families with high aesthetic requirements, so when buying, we should pay more attention to the choice of indoor color, so that it is more matched, will not give people a sense of nonconformity, no matter what kind of material of the mattress is color, so we must understand now.

How to wash and maintain linen sheets

Machine wash linen sheets should use anti-wrinkle function, never use the washing machine to dehydrate. Do not use washing powder and soap with bleaching effect when cleaning, otherwise there will be fading phenomenon, dry after leveling do not expose to the sun, semi-dry comfort, can reduce shrinkage. Linen sheets should be washed with disinfectant every 12 weeks, and the washing method is the same as that of ordinary sheets. Before washing, soak in 3040 degrees warm water for 10 minutes, do not twist hard when washing by hand, and dry naturally after leveling. When Yin is 1000 to 80%, iron the back at high temperature, it will be more smooth.

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