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How long does a quilt last?

First of all, the following quilt is not suitable for continued use

1) Obviously thinner, after folding to see the effect, tile can not be found

2) Feel hard, fiber resilience is poor, and the board is formed after moisture absorption.

3) Strange smell, it is the accumulation of saliva and bacteria

In addition to the above three points, there are different service life recommendations for different varieties of quilts

Chemical fiber quilt core, duvet core and silk quilt core are commonly used in the hotel. The hotel chemical fiber quilt core has the characteristics of warm, breathable, good elasticity and so on in the process of use, and the cost is high, so the chemical fiber quilt core is also widely used in the hotel. There is no binding force between chemical fiber cotton fibers, with the increase of service life, the fiber will naturally shrink, break, etc., resulting in no cotton on the four corners and four sides, the fiber compression resilience decreases significantly, and the quilt is not warm. It is recommended to replace it once every two years.

The special structure principle of the down in the duvet core makes it more durable, because the duvet can be washed and cleaned, so the use time is longer than all the quilts. However, the duvet must pay attention to: do not damage the fabric, reduce the number of washing as much as possible, avoid drilling, according to previous tests, washing frequency will increase the drilling opportunity. The most important thing to pay attention to in the use of duvet is to prevent damage and reduce the number of washing. It is recommended that it can be replaced once a decade or so.

The silk core of the hotel is made of 100% silkworm as its internal filling material, and the silkworm cannot contact with any pesticides and other chemicals during its growth. It is a natural, green and environmentally friendly material. The silk core has the characteristics of breathable, comfortable to touch, light and soft, health care, moisture absorption and antibacterial during use, and the main component is animal protein fiber, containing more than ten kinds of amino acids. It's so good for you, it's called the Queen of fiber. Because the silk is long enough, the hand-drawn silk tire can keep fluffy and deformation for a long time, so the use time is longer, and if it is properly maintained, it can be used longer. But do not use vacuum compression bag storage, do not be exposed to the sun, keep dry, otherwise easy to reduce the service life; Therefore, the length of time that silk is used depends entirely on whether you maintain it properly. Under normal circumstances, silk can be used for about ten years.

The above time is only in the case of proper maintenance, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, and can not reach this number of years.

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