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Various parameters of hotel bedding

Formaldehyde exists in textile fabrics, textiles containing formaldehyde made of products, in the process of use will gradually release free formaldehyde, through the human skin and respiratory tract harm to the human body.


Textiles with a PH value exceeding the standard will destroy the balance mechanism of the human skin, stimulate the human skin, reduce the ability of the human body to resist external germs, produce symptoms such as allergies and rashes, and endanger human health.

Can decompose aromatic amines

Some azo dyes have long-term contact with human skin, decomposition and reduction under special conditions, and release some carcinogenic aromatic amines, which become the inducer of human lesions and have potential carcinogenicity.

Color fastness

Color fastness refers to the fastness of the product to sweat stains, washing, and friction. The color fastness is good and bad, which directly affects the health and safety of the human body and the beauty of the product. Poor color fastness bedding in the use of sweat, etc., will cause the pigment on the fabric to fall off and fade, which dye molecules may be absorbed by the human body through the skin and harm human health

Washing size change rate

The shrinkage problem of bedding in use has always been a concern of consumers, mainly manifested in poor dimensional stability, deformation after washing, smaller size, affecting the use and beauty.

Fiber containing

Fiber content determines the cost and performance of the product and the comfort of the use process, everyone's first choice should be natural cotton and linen.

Breaking strength

Too low breaking strength will directly affect the service life of the product.

Eight colors

The lighter the color, the less color, the less chemicals, the better for the health of the body. Dyeing order is as follows: color spinning is better than yarn-dyed dyeing is better than reactive dyeing is better than paint.

Purchase tips

1.See the signs, on-demand choice consumers in the purchase of hotel bedding should first check whether the product is complete, do not buy three no products, these products are not guaranteed.

According to the safety category and grade indicated on the label (according to the national standard, textile products are divided into three categories: A, B and C, infant textile products must meet class A, products directly in contact with the skin should meet at least Class B, products not directly in contact with the skin should meet at least class C, a qualified product, the label should indicate the category of the product), specifications, ingredients, etc. 

Choose bedding according to your own needs. Generally choose cotton, silk and other natural fiber products, with soft, breathable and hygroscopic characteristics.

2.Check the appearance, see the work, smell the selected color pattern of the bedding should be carefully checked: there are no stains on the surface, roving, jumping, matching color and other obvious defects; Whether the sewing line is straight, whether the joint is flat; The texture of various accessories and ingredients, such as whether the zipper is smooth or whether the button is firm.

Color to light tone is appropriate, choose a darker color of the bedding, you can use a napkin on the printed or dyed cloth rub several times, if stained with obvious color, it indicates that the product color fastness is not good. Bedding in printing and dyeing and finishing processing to use a variety of finishing agents and auxiliaries, such as improper processing technology, resulting in residual excess chemical components, will cause harm to the human body.

Therefore, consumers in the purchase, you can smell the taste, if the product gives off a stimulating odor, it is best not to buy in the purchase of anti-shrink, anti-wrinkle, mulberry soft, flat flat and other products should also be cautious, there is a taste do not buy in addition.

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