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How to store linen in hot weather?

The grass manager believes that after the sun exposure in summer, the high temperature antivirus will make the mortality rate of bacteria become high, there is no need to pay too much attention to antivirus management, as everyone knows that the high temperature weather is the most bacterial breeding time, during this period, the hotel laundry room and even outsourcing laundry room and other places will usher in the peak of work.

Not all types of linen are suitable for high temperature drying or outdoor drying after washing, the hotel industry on textile washing quality and washing technology is poor, not only affects the hotel room department and catering two core departments of service quality, but also greatly affects the service life of textiles. According to relevant data, if washed by scientific methods, it will be more than twice as long as the life of textiles washed in an inappropriate way.

For everyone to learn about the summer of the hotel linen washing and hotel linen washing equipment high frequency use should pay attention to the following points of attention:

  1. 1.Hotel bedding washing equipment cleaning and disinfection. High temperature weather is an opportunity for the rapid growth of all kinds of bacteria, when using the washing machine, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and disinfection of linen washing equipment. After the linen washing equipment is used, the boot cover should be opened to allow the inner cylinder to dry naturally, and the various debris collection bags should also be washed and cleaned regularly. At the same time, it is also necessary to regularly disinfect the linen washing equipment to prevent the skin from feeling the symptoms such as dada itching due to the growth of bacteria, and it is easier to shorten the life of the linen.

2.Moisture-proof of linen washing equipment. The weather is hot and the laundry room environment is humid, so the moisture-proof work of the washing equipment is urgent. When using the washing equipment, it should be placed on the platform with a high cushion to do the indoor moisture-proof work. And maintain a reasonable temperature and humidity in the room to prevent failure and damage to the washing equipment caused by abnormal temperature or humidity.

3.Regular inspection and maintenance of linen washing equipment. We should regularly check and maintain the linen washing equipment, the focus of the inspection should be on the power supply and connector part, if there is leakage, the reason may be that the wire part has been damaged, aging, should immediately find professional maintenance. At the same time, the transmission mechanism of the linen washing equipment is refueled regularly.

4.After washing the cloth, it should be placed on a dry and ventilated shelf, classified, folded neatly, and placed in a law.

5.To avoid wetting, put it on the shelf, to avoid folding neatly into the shelf, the premise of long life is the correct treatment method, the hotel linen washable and durable is the most important.

6.At the end of washing, be careful not to use strong pulling when unloading items, because in the wet state, the strength of the fabric is lower than that of the dry, and it is easy to break with strong pulling.

Adopt appropriate drying procedures, different drying temperatures, drying time and cooling time for different textiles to prevent textile shrinkage, yellowing, brittleness and hardness.

7.The use of appropriate drying procedures, different drying temperatures, drying time and cooling time for different textiles, to prevent textile shrinkage, yellow, brittle, hard.

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