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What is the meaning of the towel "yarn" newly bought by the hotel?

Yarn count or count refers to the thickness of the yarn, usually denoted by the letter S. The specific definition is not said, interested can Baidu, we just need to know that the higher the number of yarn, the finer the cotton yarn, the softer the towel woven the better the feeling. For example, 21 (that is, 21s) is much thicker than 32, and there is also a gap in the feel, but the higher the number of counts, the higher the quality requirements for yarn raw materials (cotton), so the cost is also high.

The three yarns often used in the production of hotel towels by the towel factory are sorted from low to high price :21s/2, 325/2, 16s spiral.

In 21s/2 and 32s/2, "21s "and "32s" represent single yarn, and "2" represents double yarn, which means that two 21s or 32s single yarn are twisted together to become a strand. Towels made of strand yarn are thicker and more durable than those made of single yarn.

16s spiral, if according to the previous, its count is low, and it is a single yarn, the price should be the cheapest, but we put its price in the highest. The key is the word "spiral", this kind of yarn is different from the general yarn process, and it is a spiral yarn obtained by using the principle of overfeeding. This kind of yarn makes the towel feel fluffier and softer. Hotel towel customization due to process costs, so the highest price but value for money, recommend the high-end hotel.

Yarn count classification

Coarse yarn: pure cotton yarn of 18 pounds or less, mainly used for weaving thick fabrics or cotton fabrics with pile and loop.

Medium yarn

pure cotton yarn of 19-29 English. Mainly used for the general requirements of knitted clothing fine yarn: 30-60 British cotton yarn. Mainly used for high-grade knitwear

Finer yarn : pure cotton yarn of more than 60 UK, used in high-grade needle-cotton fabrics.

Combing and combing

Common comb yarn : refers to the yarn spun by the common comb spinning process, also known as uncombed yarn.

Combed yarn : refers to the yarn made of cotton fiber with good quality as raw material, and the spinning process is increased by combing compared with the common comb yarn

Gram weight of knitted fabric

It is generally the number of grams of the weight of the square meter fabric. Gram weight is an important technical index of knitted fabric.

In knitting products, generally speaking, the heavier the gram weight, the thicker the fabric texture.

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