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How to make a bed? | Provide you with five-star hotel bed making methods

The room is not only the foundation of the hotel, but also one of the most important pillars of the hotel's profitability, and the beauty and comfort of the bed affect the guest's impression of the room and even the impression of the hotel. Although Chinese bed making seems simple, it is not an easy thing to be able to master and make it according to the specification in the prescribed time. Mastering the skills of Chinese bed making can effectively enable employees to complete the operation within the specified time and improve efficiency. The following is to provide you with five is the hotel room linen bed, I hope to help your hotel.

Previous Preparation

Make the bed and change the number of bed pillow bags according to the bed standard, first fold the bed cover, blanket, put it on the chair, do not put it on the ground, and then remove the sheets, remove the sheets should pay attention, if it is a few sheets do not remove at the same time, but should be removed one by one, and pay attention to whether there are guest items on the sheets, such as pajamas, wallets, underwear, etc., if there are pajamas, it should be folded. Then put it on the bed, remove the pillow bag, the action should be light, and check whether there are guest items under the pillow, if it is a valuable item, notify the office clerk by phone, and register the work report form, remove the bed sheet pillow bag immediately into the cloth bag of the work car, while taking clean sheets, pillowcases. Check sheets and pillowcases to make sure they are clean and free of stains, hair and breakage.

1. Change your dirty sheets

2.Take out the bed towel (folded), pillowcase, bedding, bed sheet, check the stains, damage (if there are special stains, should tie the towel) and carried guest supplies, put the dirty towel into the cloth bag of the work car, take back the clean towel, strictly prohibited on the ground. Clean the napkin according to a standard, checking for sound stains and breakage.

Bed making process step

1. Billing

Pull out the mattress with both hands about 60CM, pay attention to the mattress flip, label. (Change the head and tail once a week, turn it up and down once a month) so that the mattress is evenly stressed and the protection pad is arranged (front facing, four buckle sleeves are tightly covered in the four corners of the mattress).


The folded sheet face up, placed at the end of the bed, with the thumb, index finger and middle finger tense the sheet and open, the use of air buoyancy, so that the middle line of the sheet and the mattress center line to maintain the same, the four sides of the sagging length is equal, pay attention to the same direction when wrapping the corner, the bed corner is full, the corner is crisp, the bed surface is flat and not loose.

3.Set Quilt Cover

Put the folded quilt cover at the end of the bed, quickly open the quilt cover with both hands, put the four corners of the core into the quilt cover in turn, seize the two corners and shake vigorously, so that the core is fully unfolded, the four corners of the quilt cover are full, the bed surface is smooth and beautiful, the corner is naturally sagging, the length of the edge is equal, the middle line of the quilt cover and the middle line of the sheet overlap. Fold the head of the quilt about 40CM. Make the bed surface so that it is smooth, crisp and beautiful.


Unfold the pillowcase, grasp the two corners of the pillow core, put the corresponding two corners of the pillowcase, and then shake hard to overlap the four corners. Seal neatly, pillow core does not leak. Place two pillows side by side against the headboard, with the front pillow leaning against the back pillow at a 45 degree Angle from the headboard.

5. Push the bed

Push the bed forward to fit the headboard.

6.Cushions and pillows

According to the size of the bed, equipped with appropriate heat core 2 and throw pillow core 1. Put the cushion core and throw pillow core into the cushion cover and throw pillow cover, as far as possible to make the heat and throw pillow appearance full, place the cushion above the middle of a single pillow or above the middle of two pillows, and place the throw pillow in the middle of the whole bed.

7. Bed end towel

Place the end towel 10CM away from the end of the bed, and the length of the end towel should be close to the width of the quilt.

Matters needing attention

1.The operation should be fast, clever and accurate.

2.The package Angle should be 90 degrees outside Angle, 45 degrees inside Angle.

3.Shake the linen when making the bed to avoid mixing the linen and left items.

4.Quilt cover should have full corners, tie the tail opening, and the pillowcase should have full corners and a stiff pillow.

5.The bed surface should be straight, inclusive and beautiful to ensure beauty.

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