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What material is the star hotel pillow made of? Why is it usually standard with four?

When I sleep at home, I usually have a pillow for a person, and when I check in to a hotel outside, a careful person will find that the hotel is usually standard with 4 pillows. Many people do not know why this is placed, so the extra pillow is thrown to the side, in fact, this is not casually prepared. So why the arrangement? When we sleep on the pillow, the head is lying on the pillow cushion, if the chin is up, the pillow is too low, the chin is down, the pillow is too high, the correct sleeping position should be the chin head to keep the horizontal line, too high or too low will cause the cervical vertebra to be compressed and deformed, so many people sleep on the back, the pillow height is adjusted to the right, and then the pillow under the knee. Relieve pressure on the lower back. Therefore, this is also to meet the needs of different guests, to help them adjust the sleeping position.

From this we know that a small pillow placed on the bend of the leg when lying on your back can relieve pressure on the lower back, and the head needs to be raised a little while sleeping on your side. A small pillow can also be placed on the knee to relieve pressure on the cervical spine. But it must be noted that the pillow can not be too large, must be a small pillow, usually do not sleep on the stomach, otherwise the cervical spine will be too much pressure, the general five-star hotel pillow to sleep very comfortable, but it is difficult to buy outside, each brand of hotel pillows are different, many are after long-term testing and customer feedback adjustment specially customized.

The five-star hotel chooses a lot of different pillow materials, there are goose down down pillow, there are fiber pillow for down allergy, of course, there are health types of wheat pillow, and chrysanthemum pillow with fragrance, in short, according to their own needs to choose the type of pillow. In order to improve the quality of guests' sleep, the pillow has become a very important link, and even become a highlight of some hotels' service, a special pillow menu has been set up, and many VIPs have private pillows in the hotel. Its pillow core is made of all-cotton senior waterproof cloth sewn, washed and mothproof, filled with a variety of microfiber, down, cassia seed, wheat, etc., the pillow shape is full, in line with the human body structure, comfortable and soft, high-end quality, design shape is not conventional, is your satisfying choice, let you sleep at ease.

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