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The hotel must be watered after getting the new hotel linen!

Why the new hotel linen should be used first through the water, this knowledge is actually the same as the clothes. First of all, we need to know that the bedding or clothing fabrics we buy need to go through the process of boiling, rinsing, dyeing, etc., which will inevitably deal with chemicals in each process, so when the hotel gets the new linen, it must be washed and put into use!

Excessive PH can irritate the skin

PH value is also called PH, human skin or metabolic substances will also have a PH value, in general, the surface pH value of human skin is about 5.07.0; If the PH of the clothing or bedding fabric you buy is too different from the PH of the skin, it will irritate the skin and cause paralysis and itching.

Therefore, at this time, in order to ensure health and safety, after getting the new cloth, we need to wash the water first, because the PH value will be in the middle and the bottom after spending the water, effectively avoiding this situation. Of course, when buying products, you also need to buy good quality products, than insurance.

Clean and comfortable linen enhances the customer experience

After the new bedding leaves the factory, there will be a layer of industrial pulp water on it, and some cotton wool, which can be used through water. Towels transported back are compressed packaging, washing can make the wool circle fluffy, remove the floating hair on the towel, floating color, more comfortable to use, hotel bedding before washing there are floating hair and dust

There is all cotton products will shrink after washing, pillowcase after washing on the pillow core will be more beautiful.

New bedding should be watered before it fades

Many hotel people react to dark products, especially red and blue bed towels fade particularly badly, and some will stain the white linen red. In this case, it is usually caused by not taking the water first.

Because the fabric will leave floating color on the surface after dyeing, if you do not pass the water first, it is very easy to cause fading. We have done tests before, but the color fastness of the water and the fabric can be different by about 2 levels; In color fastness, that's a big difference.

  1. 1.Before the use of new cloth grass water, pure white cotton grass water temperature control below 50 degrees water temperature, otherwise it will produce wrinkles.

  2. 2. Pure white cloth grass with color stripes, the water temperature is controlled below 37 degrees, otherwise it will stain and affect the whiteness.

  3. 3. All new linen in the first washing, the surface may have a slight float, this is a normal phenomenon, after repeated washing the float will automatically fall.

4. In order to not affect the whiteness of linen, all new linen can not be mixed with old linen for washing.

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