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What Do You Know About Shampoo And Body Wash?

Body Wash Type:

Surfactant form: It is mainly composed of surfactants with washing effect, which is mild and smooth. If the compounding is not good, it is easy to feel that the washing is not clean.

Soap-based type: modified based on the principle of soap making, rich in foam and easy to clean;

Combination of surfactant and soap base: Take the advantages of both, rich in foam, easy to rinse, and refreshing and moisturizing after washing. At present, there are more shower gels of the latter two types on the market, which also give people a different feeling of comfort.

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Shampoo, also known as shampoo or shampoo, shampoo, is the application of hair and scalp basic care cosmetics, used to clean hair and scalp, while laying the foundation for hair styling, supple nutrition, and prevent bifurcation. It is also one of the essential supplies of the hotel

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Shampoos contain a variety of ingredients that work together to cleanse the scalp and hair. Usually the most effective ingredient in shampoo is the surfactant, which is short for "surface active ingredient". Surfactant plays a role in cleaning the hair and scalp, and when the shampoo is mixed with water, it can produce foam. However, the amount of foam does not reflect the strength of the cleaning ability.

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The above are the frequently used and essential products in the hotel disposable products. Different grades of hotels have different product quality specifications. Most of the details. But the ultimate goal is to focus on the experiencer and meet the different needs of the experiencer

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